Sunday, 4 May 2014

Week 5 (already!)

Another week has flown by. The puppies are now spending long periods in the outdoor pen, giving them great life experiences, noises from neighbours, music, other dogs, lawn mowers, train line not so far away, lots of microlite's in the sky, seagulls, weather!  Today we had more visitors and Sara and Dave helped with weights and photo's thank you :-) Had proper baby scales today, thank you work. The evenings are cold so brought them in and took photo's of them playing with mummy :-)

Saga now 2520 gr

Elsa 2400gr

Älva 2160gr

Selma 2300gr

Pippi 2440gr

Nils 2360

Putte is a whopping 2900gr!


  1. Time is going so fast! Beautiful puppies. So wish I was close enough to see them in person.

  2. 3 more weeks...doesn't seem possible x