Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Girls at 15-20 weeks

 This week I went to visit Gretel who lives on the east tip of Essex. She is turning in to a really pretty girl who have developed a great "barnett" All the girls are really so like their mum! Gretel and Zora got her  markings whereas Lina and Chase have Musse's deep tan colouring, but still are very much like Unikko at same age. This is the time of puppy development when they are not at their best, all legs, and in the case of Lina, Ears!

Zora at 15 weeks



Chase at 18 week, a copy of Unikko at same age!


Chase, very cute :-)

Lina and Gretel

Gretel, still got an ear to raise, or not??

Lina and Gretel getting acquainted again!!

Lina and Gretel

Gretel and Lina

Gretel and Humum Sarah

Lina and Gretel

Best picture of the day, Sarah and Gordons cat in an exorsist moment!

Same cat, full of distain as only cats can :-) He is actually  a gorgeous and very affectionate cat!