Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lappvikens Tumma Laatu

 At 6 months and 5 days and his first show, Laatu got 1st puppy at Exonian show under judge Tan Nagrecha.
Very proud over Humum Jo as Laatu is in his prime 6months adolecent behaviour !! WELL DONE :-)

Laatu at 5.5 months and rangy and rather wet, still does a great stand:-)

Laatu and Jo having a lapdog moment:-)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Girls at 15-20 weeks

 This week I went to visit Gretel who lives on the east tip of Essex. She is turning in to a really pretty girl who have developed a great "barnett" All the girls are really so like their mum! Gretel and Zora got her  markings whereas Lina and Chase have Musse's deep tan colouring, but still are very much like Unikko at same age. This is the time of puppy development when they are not at their best, all legs, and in the case of Lina, Ears!

Zora at 15 weeks



Chase at 18 week, a copy of Unikko at same age!


Chase, very cute :-)

Lina and Gretel

Gretel, still got an ear to raise, or not??

Lina and Gretel getting acquainted again!!

Lina and Gretel

Gretel and Lina

Gretel and Humum Sarah

Lina and Gretel

Best picture of the day, Sarah and Gordons cat in an exorsist moment!

Same cat, full of distain as only cats can :-) He is actually  a gorgeous and very affectionate cat!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Meeting up with Lappvikens Chase (was Ida)

Chase growing up to be very pretty girl.
The puppies are 15 weeks today and this is my first meet up after leaving home. I met up with Chase, who lives with Lottie and Paul, at Bewl Waters in Kent. Chase was first know as Ida and she was the smallest puppy and had the most gorgeous tan markings from birth. She has certainly caught up in size and is such a pretty girl! She and Lina are now very alike, although Linas ears makes her stand out ;-)
Dogs all had a great time and again no attractive puppy photos, just wet puppy photos!
Bewl Waters

Lina and Chase

Racing through the wet moss!

Sisters checking each other out. They look so grown up! its Lina on left.

Blizz doing some posing position, too far away for me, but the tourist walking towards him was compelled to stop and take photos of him, he stood at same spot for ages!

A flat lappy!

Lina having dried off a bit

Chase chlilling

Both puppies loved this sodden moss growing along the lake!
Chase, having cuddles even though she is wet through:-)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Anton moves to Wales

Up with the sunrise

Today we got up early, couldn't sleep as knew that Anton was moving to his new family today, so up with the sunrise, never a bad experience:) 
As Anton is moving to Wales to join Caroline, Nigel, their boys and Lappy girl Mila I wanted him to have a lovely walk on the beach so he would be tired for the long journey ahead. Im thrilled for Anton to have a playmate in his new home and happy for him to go, Im sure my life will get easier with regards to properly start puppy training and just routine exercise,. However, this is now the end of having " a litter" and the beginning of a new chapter of a lovely puppy, but I do feel rather nostalgic, and had a moment when up in my front bedroom where the puppies were born and where so much time was spent with them and Unikko just a few weeks ago. My first ever litter have moved on towards their future with lovely new families, a very happy/ emotional feeling.
Lina and Anton on the "shore line"

Anton galloping, he has a fab recall already:) 

Lina following her brother, loves recall as loves a tasty treat!

Blizz and Unikko have a game

Family four

wey hey, love a run!!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer days

Lina a F. Lapphund?? Think its a gremlin!!
We have had a glorious week and have taken the dogs, young and old out for a few walks. Although the pups have only had one of their vaccinations I feel its vital to get them out and experience things. The beach is lovely as its washed twice a day by the tide but we have also taken them to a quiet woodlands as its such a fantastic walk. Blizz and Unikko also needs to get some "normal" walks with rabbit chasing and squirrel hunts in the woods.

The lovely Anton:)

Mum Unikko, looks worn out by naughty puppies:)

Anything for us????

Yummy puppy tummies:)

Antons catch

A perfect summer evening with the gang, thats Blizz (ss):))


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Unikko & Musse puppy update

Mika with Anton ready to pounce from the back
An other week have flown by and Im really thrilled to get fantastic updates from the puppies new families. All seem to be "mostly" behaving! Although some have been more naughty than others, Laatu seem to find himself climbing on chairs, dog kennel and also trying to walk on water and finding himself having a very quick swimming lesson in garden pond! Zora is apparently being very good!! Allows humum Tia to sleep in!! I want to know what they do, Lina and Anton still wakes at 5-5.30 am.  They are all dry now though which is fantastic:)
 Anton have a future new family which is fantastic, sounds like he is going to have a fabulous time! He and Lina went to the vet today for their first vaccination, they made no fuss at all :-)  We then visited Mika and my doG did they play! Perfect for wearing out pups, now sleeping soundly:-)  

Chase snuggled up in a favourite blanket

Gretel having fun in garden

Mika and Lina

Lina stolen Mikas chew

Anton chilling