Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Unikko & Musse puppy update

Mika with Anton ready to pounce from the back
An other week have flown by and Im really thrilled to get fantastic updates from the puppies new families. All seem to be "mostly" behaving! Although some have been more naughty than others, Laatu seem to find himself climbing on chairs, dog kennel and also trying to walk on water and finding himself having a very quick swimming lesson in garden pond! Zora is apparently being very good!! Allows humum Tia to sleep in!! I want to know what they do, Lina and Anton still wakes at 5-5.30 am.  They are all dry now though which is fantastic:)
 Anton have a future new family which is fantastic, sounds like he is going to have a fabulous time! He and Lina went to the vet today for their first vaccination, they made no fuss at all :-)  We then visited Mika and my doG did they play! Perfect for wearing out pups, now sleeping soundly:-)  

Chase snuggled up in a favourite blanket

Gretel having fun in garden

Mika and Lina

Lina stolen Mikas chew

Anton chilling

Sunday, 24 July 2011

And then there was two!

Yesterday our beautiful girls Ida left to live her her new family Lottie and Paul in Teynham, Kent. Ida is now called Chase, as she's a very busy girl I think she may live up to her name:) However I know that Lottie and Paul wont have any problems keeping up with her as they are triathlon athletes:) She is going to have a fabulous time in the stunning Kent countryside 
Chase in the middle with sister Lina to left and brother Laatu on right

Anton on the beach

So now we have our girl Lina at home and Anton who we hope will find a new family soon (was sadly unable to go to family due to change in circumstances) They love to get out and we have now started to take them for a run on the beach.

Anton and Lina in a "chase me game"


did you call??

My mum!!

Oops, wont follow uncle Blizz any further!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Unikko & Musse puppies at 7 weeks

Musseson now Tumma Laatu
The time had to come and puppies are to get ready to move to new families. Pia and Erika decided to give puppies a proper grooming session, so they had a bath as well as claws cut, (claws have been cut weekly so they are used to this)
Three puppies went on Saturday and one today and one more girl goes next week. They are all going to fantastic new homes so although tears were shed, its a happy moment.
 Sadly one family suddenly have had to change plans so we now have Anton staying a bit longer, company for Lina who is staying here with us:)

Tumma Lattu (dark nature in Finnish) Have moved to Plymoth with Jo, George and Josh and Lappy Tarkka

Alma now Gretel

Gretel have moved to Burnham on Crouch to Sarah and Gordon and their cats




Lina, staying in Pevensey

Ida, moves next week

Ida, who have lovely new family name :)

Jullan, now Black Diamond have moved to Yeovil  to Tia, Sam, Tate and Ed and their malamutes

Black Diamond or Zora as pet name

Emil now Mika have moved just up the road to Jackie and Dave

Tiring having a bath...

Magnificent seven:)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Unikko & Musse puppies. Vet examination

It has been a very busy week, but absolutely lovely as Pia, Musses owner have arrived from Sweden :)
With  Pia's and her daughter Erika we managed to take all the puppies to the vet for a health check yesterday. They were all fine and coped really well with being handeld by the vet. Today Pia is planning a bath for all whilst Im at work. She is hoping to get some photos done as well!

Meanwhile here is a short video clip for now

Monday, 11 July 2011

Week 6 already and eye examination done!

Well another week have flown by. The weekend was very busy with home visits for the puppies future families, hence the lack of blog. I did manage to weigh puppies yesterday and they are real chunky monkeys now:)
All the puppies have now been named by their families but that will keep until next week:)

Musseson is now 4kgs
Alma 3,2 kg
Anton 3.9kg
Lina 3.1kg Too busy to eat!
Ida 3.2kg ! She loves her food!
Jullan 3.2kg
Emil 3.5 kgs

This morning we went for an eye examination which meant a car drive for all for the first time.  I borrowed a friends car as she has two small crates fitted at back, too much room in my car. It was a true Postman Pat car and with no a/c I drove off with widows open and the sound of 7 puppies howling at the back , never reaching over 40 miles an hour it was a sight to be seen and heard!!
 The puppies coped perfectly with having eye drops and the examination and, phew, all was found without any abnormalities:) And only one puppy was sick, no idea who apart from being one of the girls!

As we have not managed individual pics this week I did a quick video clip of them playing this evening:

Ida likes her food but she also loves to be on top of "her " box! Never seen anything quite like this eating position

Thursday, 7 July 2011

A new cardboard box:)

Ok I was not going to be beaten and have finally uploaded a video clip on to youtube! Hope you enjoy:)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Midweek treats

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 Well I have wasted large part of the day attempting to upload a video clip of the puppies playing with a new cardboard box, but have failed over and over so for today we did some head pics.
I couldn't resist including these two of them sleeping, amazing how they just go off in any position:-)
Ida in her favourite place

Musseson is a strapping handsome boy

Alma is a very cute girl, even with dirt on he head!

Anton, like Musseson is fabulous chunky boy

Lina is developing some lovely markings

Little Ida is just the sweetest puppy ever!

Jullan is a gorgeous, well build but feminine girl 

Emil is a really handsome lad

Monday, 4 July 2011

Week 5 weights

Musseson and Unikko
 Weights done for week 5 on Jo bathroom scales:)
 They are extremely active so pinning them down for individual photo's is a team work activity! So funny as we tried yesterday and it was " be ready to snap as soon as puppy is on the grass" and I mostly got pics of hind legs as they shot off for an investigation.

Musseson 2.9 kg

Alma 2.4 kg

Anton 2.8kg

Jullan 2.4kg

Ida 2.4kg

Lina 2.4 kg

Emil 2.5kg