Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lina and Ice puppies at 6 weeks

The puppies are now little terrorists!  Ankles snappers :-)  They have had a great week with lots and lots of visitors, no one can say that they haven't been socialised, and they take it all in their stride. They love being outside but weather can let us down, they have experienced rain on several occasions, and this weekend , wind!  
Selma and  Älva having a snooze in puppy house sheltering from weather

Play with mum, Lina tolerates them less now though, got sore teats!



Playtime with Lucy


Love a tug of war

Pippi doing the vampire look, photo taken by Lydia thank you :-)


      Today I had help from Lucy and Finn with the weekly weights, Thank you :-)

Saga 2980gr

Elsa 2860gr

Elsa's ears are being blown forward in the wind!

Alva 2640

Selma 2720gr

Pippi , doing the cute puppy! 3kgs

Nils 2820gr

Couldnt't resist, Nils the lizard! 

Putte, makes me die, just woken up, sooo grumpy! 3520gr

"is this really necessary??" 


  1. Oh my I love these puppies! I could take bites out of Putte & Pippi - adorable :-)