Saturday, 24 May 2014

And the big day!

Well it had to come, the leaving home day!  Just two pups left, Nils for keeps and Selma for one more week. Tears have been shed, but I have very lucky puppies, going to amazing families.
Sigrun  (Saga) to Lydia and Lappie Otso in Hastings
Elsa to Clare and  Mark in Redhill
Essie (Älva)To Sara and Dave in Eastleigh
Pippi to Lucy, Finn and Carolyn in Bath
Nico (Putte) to Caroline, Stuart, Mikey and Lizzie in Yarm

Being my usual distracted self I didn't do any leaving photos, so now waiting for new home pics..
The day started with pouring rain, Brent got up and let the puppies out. The ran like lemmings from their pen, ran out, quick wee and then ran straight back in again, ha! So some entertainment was needed for 7 penned up Lappy pups...the small broom, the best toy ever, they love it!

Take a look at the video clip : Sweeping puppies

These two photos was taken 6 days apart, they grow...

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