Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday week 7!

Today is a big day as Camilla (from Lappizaros Kennel)  Ice's owner is arriving from Sweden! She is coming to see the puppies, it is due to her incredible kindness (allowing Ice to stay with me) we can now see these amazing little lives develop. With Camilla's help we will do individual show off pictures later.
 No weights this week as scales are at my work, and I'm off :-)  Puppies have grown, look well, eat their food, what more can one want?  A quick video from this morning just to say hello from garden pen.
They love being out of the pen running wild  in my small garden, it has lots of interesting places for puppies, they love playing chase me under the shrubs. I'd like to video the mad antics and the sheer joy but they scatter all over, you'd end up motion sick trying to follow the video!
First a photo of the view I have each morning, cute!

Hello from pups : Monday morning week 7

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