Saturday, 10 September 2011

Meeting up with Lappvikens Chase (was Ida)

Chase growing up to be very pretty girl.
The puppies are 15 weeks today and this is my first meet up after leaving home. I met up with Chase, who lives with Lottie and Paul, at Bewl Waters in Kent. Chase was first know as Ida and she was the smallest puppy and had the most gorgeous tan markings from birth. She has certainly caught up in size and is such a pretty girl! She and Lina are now very alike, although Linas ears makes her stand out ;-)
Dogs all had a great time and again no attractive puppy photos, just wet puppy photos!
Bewl Waters

Lina and Chase

Racing through the wet moss!

Sisters checking each other out. They look so grown up! its Lina on left.

Blizz doing some posing position, too far away for me, but the tourist walking towards him was compelled to stop and take photos of him, he stood at same spot for ages!

A flat lappy!

Lina having dried off a bit

Chase chlilling

Both puppies loved this sodden moss growing along the lake!
Chase, having cuddles even though she is wet through:-)