Thursday, 11 November 2010

Musse and Ilo's romantic halloween

How could Ilo refuse? So handsome!

After only three weeks in the UK Musse got to meet a lovely UK Bred girl, Elbereth Ilo at Starlapps owned and much adored by Mary Starling. Ilo's pedigree can be seen  here . After a shaky start were Musse appeared uninterested on the Saturday, things completely changed by Sunday! He was as keen as mustard:) To get away from my other two we took them out to the glorious setting of Herstmonceux castle. It was drizzly but this didn't put out the flames of passion! The lovely autum surrounding was perfect for a romantic liasion, and  if things go to plan Ilo should have puppies by New Year:)

Mary resting wet knees!

The gorgeous Ilo

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Musse have arrived!

After a lot of planning the day finally arrived last Friday, Oct 1st, my birthday:)  when I could set off on the journey to pick Musse up from Sweden. We arrived in Sweden on Saturday, had a night in a B&B and the set off to meet Pia. A couple of hours drive and there we where, met by Pia and her fantastic parents and daughter, we couldn't have been more welcomed! Quick hello and suddenly my friend Sharon  spotted two fluffy creatures at the door and in come the most gorgeous lappies, Musse and his sister Oldsan (Lapplyans Queen of Oldsmobile) And what cuddle creatures!! within minutes we had one in each lap:) Both really sociable, cuddly and happy lappies. We had two great (shopping:) days at Pia's before it was time for goodbye on Tuesday morning. Very brave Pia!! We cried and then just had to go, I was very nervous of the pending pet passport check! This was totally unfounded, pass port fine, scanning fine, on the ferry, parked up, nervous how Musse was going to cope, also unfounded, cool as a ccucumber:)
We arrived to a rainy UK but as got nearer to beautiful Sussex the sun comes out. Arrived in Pevensey late afternoon and had to say quick hello to Blizz and Unikko first then we all go out to meet the new pal! This was my next worry, how will they all get on, or not!! Was expecting fireworks, especially from Unikko.
But luckily Musse is so cool, he doesn't care at all about a moody madam, he loves her regardless:)
 Blizz was his usual fantastic sociable self, head down, bum up, tail going like clappers and loves him! 
Even Sidney the cat was alright, had one close encounter and lesson learned by both!
Mary came to visit so Ilo and Musse could say a quick hello and they seem to like each other, fingers crossed!!
Woke up early today, all had slept without any noise. Its a stunning day so been out on the beach and got some photos. So now looking forward to entering some shows and hopefully my madam will have a season in the spring!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Working trial training, jumping!!

One of my big reservations regarding working trials with Unikko was the sizes of jumps she would have to do, didn't think it was possible for her to compete in same class as large German Sheppard's and mad Border Collies. Also getting the training was difficult as we meet up once a month and then wait in turn for jumps. So I decided the best way forward is to have my own jumps, high jump and long jump, will have to wait with getting the scale! A month ago a picked up my own "bespoke" jumps:) and what a difference! I have no garden to speak of so get up early, go to local recreation ground and have a go. Today I actually set up the jump in my garden and Unikko flew over 79 cm (31 inches) She needs to be able to do 90 cm (3ft) She skips over 213 cm (7ft) long jump, need to do 273cm or 9ft. Fantastic:) She is so agile! Now we need to do the 6ft scale, but thats another story! I think now one of my biggest WT challenge will be to do a 10 min down stay with me out of sight! She is so alert, she never relaxes into her down, head is up looking around all the time, get to about 7 min and suddenly she will spring up and enough is enough, bored now! Hey ho, great fun trying, next week we are in my training clubs members trial day, and 18th is our first trial (beginners stake)!!!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Musses eye test:)

Great news today! Musse have been to have his eyes checked and all clear has been given. So now just got to wait for October to arrive:) Very Exciting!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

As it's Unikko's third birthday tomorrow I have to  wish her and all her siblings a very happy lappy birthday, may many bones come your way:)
I can't believe this naughty girl is supposed to be all grown up!
Big thanks to mum Toive and humum Toni for this gorgeous funny girl

Introducing Lapplyans King of Mustang

I want this opportunity to share my exiting plans for this autumn. As many know I'd dearly love to have a litter of puppies from my beautiful girl Unikko, (Elbereth Unikko at Lappviken) and after lots of searching and planning I'm extremely proud and grateful to introduce Lapplyans King of Mustang (or Musse) who is coming over from Sweden to stay with us. Its hard to describe my gratitude to Musse's owner, Pia Martensson for allowing me to borrow her handsome boy.

Musse's is bred by Lena Sandell and has the title int show champion,  is PRA free and his pedigree and more photo's can be seen here: click on "stamtavla"

 He is a proven sire and I will show him during his stay