Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Puppy play house time

I have an old " cat kennel" sitting in the garden doing nothing now my cats have passed on. It was on high legs so out with saw to make it ground level and a good scrub,  it is now a perfect fun house for pups. 
Take a look at the video clip to see how much fun puppies can have. Excuse the food bowl still in pen, was hoping they eat a bit more but now the distraction was just too much!
Take a look at the video clip : Puppy play house fun!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Linas puppies at 4 weeks and two days...

Apologies for late update, busy but lovely weekend with puppy visitors and glad to report all puppies coped fantastically well with all the excitement.
Then had a camera failure on Sunday, two attempts ended with a a load of photos all out of focus, had to give up! Luckily puppies were blissfully unaware of my failing temper.  At least weights got done and all continue to gain well.
This week we have an outdoor pen, and an extension was added to it today so now have a lovely area to play on. Glorious weather as well so puppies have been out most of the day. 
I was lucky enough to have my wonderful friends Mary and Liz visit and today's photos are courtesy of Liz's lovely camera. Better late.....Enjoy

Saga 2180gr



Elsa 2100



Älva 1800gr



Selma 1960gr



Pippi 2100gr



Nils 2000gr



Putte 2420



Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thursday video clip

Pups loves a romp around the kitchen, take a look at this clip. As you can see pups are covered in bits of food! Weaning appears to still be more of wearing food than eating...Puppies kitchen adventure

Blizz and Selma (Unikko's gobble bowl next to them!)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday quick treat

Lovely long weekend over, but not long to next one. Im really hoping for some warm weather as have a pen in the garden for the puppies to try out. 
The whole litter is a fairly laid back bunch, eat, sleep with some attempts at play. Occasionally they like to remind us that they are actually little dogs and will let of tiny barks, high pitched squeals and then go into a full wolf howl! Nils did a brilliant one this morning- my mission is to catch it on film, but you get the idea from pics below :-)



Sunday, 20 April 2014

Linas puppies week 3

Lina in new pen in kitchen 

This is an amazing week when puppies goes from moles to tiny puppies. They look up at you, wag tails, starts to interact with each other. They have moved from upstairs to a pen in the kitchen. Had a taste of food and survived first lot of worming! They have all gained weight again, some more than others! Putte, who ironically is named from children story character Putte i Blåbärs skogen, and often gets named "Putte Liten" meaning "Little Putte", is a whopping 1680gr! Admittedly I forgot to bring babyscales from work so still relying on my old fashioned kitchen scales which are now a bit small and wobbly. The puppies where so sleepy and they accepted the whole experience with ease. They are very laid back so far...will i say the same in a couple of weeks, hmm, we will see :-)
Also wished I got rid of all fur bobbles stuck on the vetbed (that's  how they get after washing)  I didn't notice until  I uploaded photos!

More room and a bit more airy for growing pups

Saga is now 1540gr and on nightmare material

Elsa is 1440gr and on easy vetbed, full of bobbles!

Älva still small but perfectly formed at 1320gr

Gorgeous Selma 1500gr

Wonderful Pippi 1560gr

Handsome Nils 1480gr

Putte not so little  at 1680gr

Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Puppies have now met uncle Blizz, who adores puppies! Im planning a weekend of new experiences--Food! going to try some delicious weaning paste, raw minced chicken in a soft paste, I'm sure it will go down a treat. And once big puppy pen is up and kitchen table gone they will come and live downstairs so they can be part of every day life with us all. 
Also new little video clip from earlier today, think we can see that Lina would probably like the puppies to get on some proper food now, bless her, still on 5-6 dinners a day and skinny as a rib!
click link to :  Easter puppies

Ice puppies

A couple of photos of Ice previous litter with Rema (Oberitz Marimekko) who are now six month old and entered the Finnish Lapphund Club of GB champshow.
Ice strutting his stuff at Southern counties Champshow in 2013

$ of his proud puppies with Rema

Lovely Siia with her breeder Nikki

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hurra for Blizz 10 today!

To the coolest Lapphund ever, Blizz, the giant of calmness, softness and gentleness a huge HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY. He is the one who changed everything and started my Lappy addictions. He still is most playful and  adores everyone. Love my gentle boy X 
 And here is a little mixture of puppy pix from today. Still in a mess from worming!
Pippi snooze

Selma showing all...


And here is a "where's Putte?" challenge !

Putte is now putting

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lina and Ice Puppies week two, eyes!

We have eyes!! Only today we suddenly have opened to say hello to the world,  and little Älva (which means elf in Swedish)  is the one with most open eyes :-)
Today is also the day when puppies will start to be wormed daily for three days. This is very messy business but essential as at two weeks is the time when the  Dog round worm ( Toxicara Canis)  larva develop into worms in puppies Round worm or Toxicariasis. This will again have to be repeated at week 5 and week 8.
Puppies are all gaining weight, and all but Älva have reached the 1 kg and Putte is a massive 1.1kgs! My scales are a bit basic and small now, so its a wobbly business. Will have to borrow some baby scales next week :-)
Here is a link to a video filmed yesterday and didn't have time to add:

And here is the gang at week two:
Saga 1040gr

Elsa 1000gr

Älva 850gr

Selma 1020gr

Pippi 1000gr

Nils 1020gr

Putte 1100gr