Saturday, 24 May 2014

And the big day!

Well it had to come, the leaving home day!  Just two pups left, Nils for keeps and Selma for one more week. Tears have been shed, but I have very lucky puppies, going to amazing families.
Sigrun  (Saga) to Lydia and Lappie Otso in Hastings
Elsa to Clare and  Mark in Redhill
Essie (Älva)To Sara and Dave in Eastleigh
Pippi to Lucy, Finn and Carolyn in Bath
Nico (Putte) to Caroline, Stuart, Mikey and Lizzie in Yarm

Being my usual distracted self I didn't do any leaving photos, so now waiting for new home pics..
The day started with pouring rain, Brent got up and let the puppies out. The ran like lemmings from their pen, ran out, quick wee and then ran straight back in again, ha! So some entertainment was needed for 7 penned up Lappy pups...the small broom, the best toy ever, they love it!

Take a look at the video clip : Sweeping puppies

These two photos was taken 6 days apart, they grow...

Friday, 23 May 2014

Bath time

And one final insult before leaving, BATH! They behaved much better than my adults do...!



Älva Now Essie

Essie aka Älva

Saga now Sigrún

Sigrún aka Saga



Pippi who I forgot to photo in the bath!


Putte , now Niko

Nico aka Putte

A blurry Nils


Sparkling puppies!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beach babes!

Had to show this. Camilla and I took the puppies down to the beach earlier. great fun was had by all :-)
Älva enjoying a run

Pippi with Elsa in full gallop

Whohoo, to the beach....

Is Camilla the Pied Piper.....?

Oh, scary big black dog!

Lina and Ice puppies week 7 (and 2 days)

 Camilla had arrived from Sweden on Monday, so fantastic to show the puppies off to her. Then Tuesday, big day, visit from Liz from TabanyaRuu  who kindly brought her camera. Then in the afternoon, vet visit!This included a 20 minutes car drive, puppies did well, lots of dribble from some but  name no names...This all went well, vet was very happy with them all. They got weighed (although I'm slightly unconvinced, may have to fetch baby scales just to satisfy my curiosity) , hearts listened too, teeth checked and looked for any hernia's, all past , yiipee! No testicle's found on the boys, so this will need to be checked again, can sometimes take up to 6 months before they appear!
A visit from Mary from Starlapps finished off a truly lovely lappy day.

Puppies enjoying Camilla company 
                  And  here we have what will be the last line up before most leave on Saturday!

Saga now 3.65kg

Elsa 3.45kg


Älva 3.3kgs

Selma 3.25kg

Pippi 3.75kg

Nils, who was not in the mood, and only pose I could find was this "pointer" look! 3.5kg

Putte 4.25kgs

Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday week 7!

Today is a big day as Camilla (from Lappizaros Kennel)  Ice's owner is arriving from Sweden! She is coming to see the puppies, it is due to her incredible kindness (allowing Ice to stay with me) we can now see these amazing little lives develop. With Camilla's help we will do individual show off pictures later.
 No weights this week as scales are at my work, and I'm off :-)  Puppies have grown, look well, eat their food, what more can one want?  A quick video from this morning just to say hello from garden pen.
They love being out of the pen running wild  in my small garden, it has lots of interesting places for puppies, they love playing chase me under the shrubs. I'd like to video the mad antics and the sheer joy but they scatter all over, you'd end up motion sick trying to follow the video!
First a photo of the view I have each morning, cute!

Hello from pups : Monday morning week 7

Saturday, 17 May 2014

First outing....

Today I took the puppies for the first car journey, got a few more planned for next week. The first one I wanted just to be fun, so two crates in the car, puppies piled in and off we went to a little village hall I rent for a couple of hours every Saturday for some fun with my adult dogs. They stayed at home today. Its just a couple of minutes drive away, perfect! Once there a couple of friends came, we meet every week, whom very kindly helped me. We took puppies out one at a time, let them out on the lawn at the back, grass is a bit long so photos were hard. But each puppy came out on its own, had a sniff around, skipped about in the grass, not fazed at all. They all went up and said a very happy hello to Angelika, who they've never seen before. Once they all had their individual turn, we let them all out, great fun! Sadly my photo's don't do it justice. It was a perfect place for a fun experience, completely enclosed, with cows on one side and foot path on the other side.  We are the only dog people who enter the garden so minimal risk for contamination.
I now have VERY tired puppies!

Here is Saga on her own adventure, apprehensive but soon gets over it

 ~Now its Elsa's turn..

...and Älva





 And the whole gang.... :-D

And finally, puppies love to chew, you have all been told again  and again, look at the contentment when chewing something they love, and luckily appropriate ha ha. This is dried fish skins, puppies love them!