Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rain rain....

Its been an exciting week with the bank holiday providing great weather and visits from lovely friends. A particularly lovely friend brought her camera  and took some fab photos.
Puppies have endured another 3 days of worming treatment, not sure who is most relieved when its done, me or puppies!
Today, Thursday, it rained all day...puppies had brief visit out and got wet in the morning. So plans need to be made for entertainment.  Puppies need stimulation to allow for preparation for adult life and even changing toys will give new noises, smells and textures. A trip to shops provided toys with crackling sounds, rather than just squeaking, and a bag of play balls added additional fun. Luckily the rain stopped in the evening, (still blowing a hooley  though...)  Look at the video clip to see how a pack of pups attack new toys!  The clip is a bit "Blair Witch" wobbly (for you who remember this awful film)  so apologies for that.
Video clip of : Pack of pups

Little milkbar snack from mummy.

Cuteness alert

...and again


a yummy paw

being cute= hard work!
A shot from bank holiday Monday beach walk

And here is the pen after a rainy Thursday

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