Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Unikko & Musse puppy update

Mika with Anton ready to pounce from the back
An other week have flown by and Im really thrilled to get fantastic updates from the puppies new families. All seem to be "mostly" behaving! Although some have been more naughty than others, Laatu seem to find himself climbing on chairs, dog kennel and also trying to walk on water and finding himself having a very quick swimming lesson in garden pond! Zora is apparently being very good!! Allows humum Tia to sleep in!! I want to know what they do, Lina and Anton still wakes at 5-5.30 am.  They are all dry now though which is fantastic:)
 Anton have a future new family which is fantastic, sounds like he is going to have a fabulous time! He and Lina went to the vet today for their first vaccination, they made no fuss at all :-)  We then visited Mika and my doG did they play! Perfect for wearing out pups, now sleeping soundly:-)  

Chase snuggled up in a favourite blanket

Gretel having fun in garden

Mika and Lina

Lina stolen Mikas chew

Anton chilling


  1. All together now aaah! love from Gretel and her new family xx

  2. Lovely update and great photo's. Just about to update Tarkka & Laatus blog and hopefully get some photo's up as it's been a crazy week so a little behind. x