Monday, 11 July 2011

Week 6 already and eye examination done!

Well another week have flown by. The weekend was very busy with home visits for the puppies future families, hence the lack of blog. I did manage to weigh puppies yesterday and they are real chunky monkeys now:)
All the puppies have now been named by their families but that will keep until next week:)

Musseson is now 4kgs
Alma 3,2 kg
Anton 3.9kg
Lina 3.1kg Too busy to eat!
Ida 3.2kg ! She loves her food!
Jullan 3.2kg
Emil 3.5 kgs

This morning we went for an eye examination which meant a car drive for all for the first time.  I borrowed a friends car as she has two small crates fitted at back, too much room in my car. It was a true Postman Pat car and with no a/c I drove off with widows open and the sound of 7 puppies howling at the back , never reaching over 40 miles an hour it was a sight to be seen and heard!!
 The puppies coped perfectly with having eye drops and the examination and, phew, all was found without any abnormalities:) And only one puppy was sick, no idea who apart from being one of the girls!

As we have not managed individual pics this week I did a quick video clip of them playing this evening:

Ida likes her food but she also loves to be on top of "her " box! Never seen anything quite like this eating position


  1. It's lovely waking up to such lovely updates, pressure is now on for us all to start in less than a week supplying you with updates, photo's and videos. Not sure I will be blogging at 6am but then again.............

  2. Super, great news about the eye tests.