Sunday, 24 July 2011

And then there was two!

Yesterday our beautiful girls Ida left to live her her new family Lottie and Paul in Teynham, Kent. Ida is now called Chase, as she's a very busy girl I think she may live up to her name:) However I know that Lottie and Paul wont have any problems keeping up with her as they are triathlon athletes:) She is going to have a fabulous time in the stunning Kent countryside 
Chase in the middle with sister Lina to left and brother Laatu on right

Anton on the beach

So now we have our girl Lina at home and Anton who we hope will find a new family soon (was sadly unable to go to family due to change in circumstances) They love to get out and we have now started to take them for a run on the beach.

Anton and Lina in a "chase me game"


did you call??

My mum!!

Oops, wont follow uncle Blizz any further!!


  1. wow Blizz goes far out, Tarkka just paddles and he's really bossy about laatu going in to far.

    Hope Anton finds a forever home soon.

    Jo and the boys

  2. Lovely update, love the little ones running free on the safety of the clean beach. We are so lucky down here :-)

  3. lovely photos. Gretel (Alma) will see the beach in a week's time. what a shame for the family that had to change plans and were unable to have friendly, adorable Anton, such a lovely puppy. As new FL owners and inexperienced we are loving every minute with ours. x

  4. Thank you for such nice comments, you are all lovely people:-) xxx