Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday selection

 We have had a great weekend again, Jo, George and Josh drove all the way again and Lottie arrived by train, all to visit our lovely puppies. We had a fab Satuday together. Jo brought the camera again and here is a selection.
The weight were done as well and all the puppies are doing fine. I will attempt some individual photos later and show the weights, but we could all do with a quiet start to the Sunday for now.
Enjoy perusing
Favourite toy: plant pot!

The roar of the lion!

Ok, are you edible?
Josh is definitely edible:)

And so is Jo's camera strap

Cardboard box, another favourite

Having a paddle

Oh, Im not so sure its warm enough?

I fell in, not looking where I was going! the humiliation!

Evening top up from mum

Then snooze time


  1. Love the comments with the photo's, just got home enjoying a much needed cuppa (early night tonight).

    We have had a fab weekend thank you so much.

    Jo, George and Josh x