Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer days

Lina a F. Lapphund?? Think its a gremlin!!
We have had a glorious week and have taken the dogs, young and old out for a few walks. Although the pups have only had one of their vaccinations I feel its vital to get them out and experience things. The beach is lovely as its washed twice a day by the tide but we have also taken them to a quiet woodlands as its such a fantastic walk. Blizz and Unikko also needs to get some "normal" walks with rabbit chasing and squirrel hunts in the woods.

The lovely Anton:)

Mum Unikko, looks worn out by naughty puppies:)

Anything for us????

Yummy puppy tummies:)

Antons catch

A perfect summer evening with the gang, thats Blizz (ss):))


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