Thursday, 5 May 2011

Musse and Unikko update

Well the time had to come and Musse have now returned home to his humum Pia in Sweden. I did shed a few tears but he was pleased to see his mum so this made it much easier.
Will meet again soon lovely Musse xxx
When I got back Im sure Unikko went looking for Musse at bedtime, she wouldn't settle as she normally does, up and down the stairs a few times before realxing.

The journey to Sweden only took me 4 days but on return I really noticed that Unikko have taken on a sudden barrel shape. Couldn't believe the spread across her back! And this morning she was noticeable slower chasing birds on the beach.
She should have been scanned this week but unfortunately this clashed with my return from Sweden, so will have to wait another week.
She is now 42 days from her first day of mating and 37 days from last day. I have started feeding her fish 4 dogs puppy food to meet her higher energy needs but I'm still not increasing her portion size, although she is ravenous!
I tried to get a photo showing her new shape but gave up:)

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  1. Susy
    I keep forgetting you have the blog If you have any news PLEASE call me All our fingers toes and paws are crossed here xxx Tate and Tia xxx