Sunday, 29 May 2011

Unikko and Musse's puppies have arrived!!

Unikko was not going to be like her litter sister Kaisa and have a daytime delivery:) She chose to start her contraction at 0030 on Sat 28th of May. Five puppies had been seen on scan and by 0355am she had delivered 5 lovely puppies without much interference from me at all, she was a complete pro, thank doG!! I cleaned her bed out, sent text messages out, took photo, posted on facebook! She has some contractions which i assumed where  the uterus contractiong back as they didnt appear very intense, however at 0800 she suddenly did huge push and out popped an other girl:) Well more texting to tell happy arrival, more cleaning, I tooke out for a wee. Made myself a coffe, took it upstairs and looked in box and thought " she's busy with that pup!, and realised it was very wet had fresh umbilical cord attached which she was busy chewning, did a head ccount and realsied she's had number seven, a lovely boy! Well I was speachless, this was at 10.00am! more posting, more cleaning and then try and get some rest but my mind was racing, still is now on sunday evening:)
Poor Unikko having an upset stomach today as i didn't stop her from eating all the placentas, was too busy making sure they were breathing!
The litter is nice and even, all black tri coloured. They are hereditary free from PRA and both parents have had recent clear eyetests.
Proud mum
We have tried to take individaul photos today, this needs a lot more practice, but this is what we have, enjoy:)

00.45 Boy 1. 380gr nice white bib. Came out wanting to be heard from first breath, a  Musse boy:) 

01.30 Bitch 1 390gr,  white tip on hind toe.

0200 Boy 2 360gr white mark on chin and long white mark on chest

03.35 Girl 2 360 gr white mark on chest white tip on toe.

03.55 Girl 3 300gr, nice tan colour, long white streak on chest and belly, white tip on tail

08.00 Girl 4 380gr White streak on chest and white tip on chin

10.00! Boy 3 380 gr White chest marking, white tip of chin 

Puppy pile:)

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