Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 62!

We are still doing the waiting game, and have a confession to make! As I got my calender out I had written day 1 on first day of mating! Also very difficult to predict day as Unikko had multiple matings over 6 day, so although we are doing the waiting game,  Unikko is not overdue.
Anyway, I'm enjoying the break as its been such a busy year planning mating, getting Musse here and doing my family planning module for work, it all gave me some stress.

Nesting on sofa, perfect excuse that will need a new one!
(I do have lovely new whelping box prepared:)
 Unikko is keeping well and goes from laying flat out on sofa to being excited by walk and enjoying a slow trot on the beach or fields.

Bright and alert 15 min before sofa photo, just come back from walk on fields.
I am fascinated by movements in her abdomen, can really feel wriggling pups:) I did try and listen to them through stethoscope but admit had no idea what to listen for! Heard gurgling peristalsis, heartbeat (Unikko's!)and heavy breathing so leave that to experts:)

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