Saturday, 14 May 2011

Only a week to go! And what's "Lappviken"?

We are getting ever closer to "the event" Unikko/Musse pups, Im now counting days and not weeks. Unikko's waistline is no more, she is lovely and round. It actually suits her, she is truly "blooming" She looks softer and have developed a lovely coat, especially on her belly!! Of course this will all come off soon;)

Unikko blooming

She is still full of beans and does an active walk but no mad rushing around any more. Blizz is missing their regular wrestling matches, she;s very good and just stands steady and ignores him when he bounces around trying to get a game of "chase me" I tell him he will soon have plenty to do!

Lovely round belly

Back when, what now feels like in the distant past, I decided to breed a litter, I also wanted to get a Kennel club affix, so the search for a name started. I ended up with the 2nd choice, which was "Lappviken". This is obviously "Lapp" as in -hund,  and "viken" which is "the bay" in Swedish. As we live in Pevensey Bay this seemed appt:)
Welcome to Beachlands
We live just minutes from the beach which is perfect for dog walking, but if I could have all I would chose to also have the woods of my childhood as close as well, I will always also long for the forrests of Värmland. However on a day like today it is just stunning and pretty hard to beat :) As I grew up such a long way from the sea I dont ever take it for granted.

We are in a bay, Hastings in the distant east.( Blizz meandering!)

Eastbourne to the west. Marina in foreground, Beachy head in back ground

It has been such a fantastic spring and everything is flowering so early, my favorite flower, the poppy, is already out, such stunning colour. I managed to find two this morning and set my dogs up for the photo, managed to catch some flags from the pub in the back ground as well:) I didnt notice that until I downloaded pics


  1. unikko surrounded by poppies lol great pictures

  2. Lovely update Susy We can feel your pride in your words Well done xx

  3. Lovely to have met you all last week. Wishing you and Unikko well for the big day. We are getting very excited too...fingers crossed, Sarah and Gordon X

  4. Beautiful pictures Susanne. Unikko is blooming as well as the flowers. Not long to wait now - fingers crossed that all goes well.