Sunday, 20 April 2014

Linas puppies week 3

Lina in new pen in kitchen 

This is an amazing week when puppies goes from moles to tiny puppies. They look up at you, wag tails, starts to interact with each other. They have moved from upstairs to a pen in the kitchen. Had a taste of food and survived first lot of worming! They have all gained weight again, some more than others! Putte, who ironically is named from children story character Putte i Blåbärs skogen, and often gets named "Putte Liten" meaning "Little Putte", is a whopping 1680gr! Admittedly I forgot to bring babyscales from work so still relying on my old fashioned kitchen scales which are now a bit small and wobbly. The puppies where so sleepy and they accepted the whole experience with ease. They are very laid back so far...will i say the same in a couple of weeks, hmm, we will see :-)
Also wished I got rid of all fur bobbles stuck on the vetbed (that's  how they get after washing)  I didn't notice until  I uploaded photos!

More room and a bit more airy for growing pups

Saga is now 1540gr and on nightmare material

Elsa is 1440gr and on easy vetbed, full of bobbles!

Älva still small but perfectly formed at 1320gr

Gorgeous Selma 1500gr

Wonderful Pippi 1560gr

Handsome Nils 1480gr

Putte not so little  at 1680gr


  1. These are really lovely puppies - maybe the most photogenic at this age so far! Bodes well for attractive dogs for future owners.