Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Day 2!

Day 2 and all puppies are doing well. They are gaining weight steadily and you can see how face markings are coming out, they will all have pretty markings, very much like their mum. Puppies are born in a very immature state, they are unable to control temperature so its vital to keep them warm, this usually done by cuddling up to mum and huddling in a puppy bundle near mum. If she needs to leave for more than a few minutes then a warming substitute is needed. This can be an electric warming pad, or you can dig out an old hot water bottle in a rather splendid cover! Lina needed to have her "knickers" ( long coat covering  her rear end) washed yesterday which took her away for a bit too long to just leave puppies without warmth, see below how content puppies were with substitute mum :-)
Also a couple of puppy fix snaps of snoozing bundle this  morning

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  1. Beautifully marked puppies :-) And I love the photo of Lina nuzzling them. Such a good mummy!