Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lina and Ice Puppies week two, eyes!

We have eyes!! Only today we suddenly have opened to say hello to the world,  and little Älva (which means elf in Swedish)  is the one with most open eyes :-)
Today is also the day when puppies will start to be wormed daily for three days. This is very messy business but essential as at two weeks is the time when the  Dog round worm ( Toxicara Canis)  larva develop into worms in puppies Round worm or Toxicariasis. This will again have to be repeated at week 5 and week 8.
Puppies are all gaining weight, and all but Älva have reached the 1 kg and Putte is a massive 1.1kgs! My scales are a bit basic and small now, so its a wobbly business. Will have to borrow some baby scales next week :-)
Here is a link to a video filmed yesterday and didn't have time to add:

And here is the gang at week two:
Saga 1040gr

Elsa 1000gr

Älva 850gr

Selma 1020gr

Pippi 1000gr

Nils 1020gr

Putte 1100gr