Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Anton moves to Wales

Up with the sunrise

Today we got up early, couldn't sleep as knew that Anton was moving to his new family today, so up with the sunrise, never a bad experience:) 
As Anton is moving to Wales to join Caroline, Nigel, their boys and Lappy girl Mila I wanted him to have a lovely walk on the beach so he would be tired for the long journey ahead. Im thrilled for Anton to have a playmate in his new home and happy for him to go, Im sure my life will get easier with regards to properly start puppy training and just routine exercise,. However, this is now the end of having " a litter" and the beginning of a new chapter of a lovely puppy, but I do feel rather nostalgic, and had a moment when up in my front bedroom where the puppies were born and where so much time was spent with them and Unikko just a few weeks ago. My first ever litter have moved on towards their future with lovely new families, a very happy/ emotional feeling.
Lina and Anton on the "shore line"

Anton galloping, he has a fab recall already:) 

Lina following her brother, loves recall as loves a tasty treat!

Blizz and Unikko have a game

Family four

wey hey, love a run!!!


  1. Lovely update and great photo's, hopefully all your lappy families will keep you up to date with progress and photo's :-)

    Laatu would send you a whoof but he's fast asleep which I'm making the most of. x