Saturday, 11 June 2011

Unikko & Musse puppies at 2 weeks

Musseson 1140gr
An other weeks have flown by and the puppies have now reached 2 weeks. Eyes are now open, and the claws have been cut!
They are really strong, standing up and wobbling away on all four legs, so funny:)
They enjoy being handled and fall a sleep in my lap when they get a chance.
Unikko is a very good mum, feeding them well and keeping the pen clean. They will get a change in environment as I plan to move them into the kitchen to a larger pen as some stage in the week, just measuring up space for now!
Alma 1100gr

Anton 1140gr
Lina 1080 gr

Ida 920gr

Jullan 1040

Emil 1000gr


  1. Wow changing fast and looking forward to hearing all about the move downstairs later next week.

  2. They are all sooo gorgeous. Can't wait to meet them, Sarah

  3. Ida and Lena are wonderfully marked :-) Tough choices ahead for she that wanted to keep a male LOL!!