Saturday, 18 June 2011

Unikko and Musse puppies at 3 weeks

Musseson 1750gr
 I cant believe that three weeks have gone already! Puppies are doing great, now enjoying a bit of salmon mousse daily as well as milk from Unikko, we will now experiment with some rice pudding, scrambled egg, a bit of raw mince and finally some soaked puppy kibble as the week go.
Each puppy are developing their own character Emil and Alma are busy in the pen, like to attempt to proper wrestling. Anton , Lina and Ida are very laid back and Musseson and Jullan mainly like to eat!
I'm amazed how quickly they bond with me and Brent, they already rush up to the gate to greet us with wagging tails and squeaky bark or squeal:-)
Next week they will meet their new potential families!, Very exciting, hope they are on best behaviour :-)
New weights,( with some difficulty as my kitchen scales are not that big, needle flicking all over!) All are gaining and looking well, thats most important:-)
Alma 1600gr

Anton 1680gr

Lina 1580gr

Ida 1440gr

Jullan 1550gr

Emil 1520gr

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  1. Super Susanne, well done on outside shots before another downpour! I can see definition coming now :-)