Saturday, 4 June 2011

Unikko and Musse's puppies are 1 week old!

What an amazing week! It has flown by and puppies have reached the 1 week mark. They are all doing well, Unikko is being a doting mum, but also now relaxing and leaves them for a bit to sleep on the slightly cooler landing in between "milk times".
I could spend entire day puppy watching, They are so unbelievably cute:-)
They have now got names  but of course the final name will be desided by the new families, for now they are the "Lönneberga" puppies as Musse lives in the fairy tale county of Småland in Sweden, these are characters from one of my favourite childhood stories apart from Boy 1 who is a typical son of Musse with his vocal arrival into the world :-)

Musseson 720gr

Alma  700gr

Anton 700gr

Lina 640gr

Ida 600gr

Jullan 640gr

Emil 600gr

Emil and Ida are the two who need to catch up with siblings. Luckily they both have tiny white tips on their tails so I make sure I can see the two tips nursing frequently. All puppies feel lovely and plump though.

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  1. Lovely Susanne, and nice to have identities for them :)