Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bodiam walk Feb -12

What a wonderful day! We went to Bodiam castle in East Sussex and met up with Lottie, Paul and Chase, Sara, Gordon and Gretel and we had Jackie and Mika with us, so six lappies, four Lappvikens siblings. The puppies look wonderful, really happy and sociable, the one who was showing off was Lina who was very bossy when she first met up with Chase! Right madam, but after being put in her place they all had a great time running along the river bank. Its a faboulus spot, super open fields along the river bank, no lifestock in sight! A great proper castle as back drop and lovely tea rooms :-) 

Mika, Chase and Lina
Bodiam Castle



Roly poly ;-)

Lovely lappies
Tea break time

Mika, Lina, Chase, Unikko, Blizz and Gretel
Paul, Lottie and Chase
Sarah, Gordon and Gretel
Mika showing off his stand ;-)
The fat bird with lovely Lina!