Sunday, 28 April 2013

Crufts 2013 and Bodiam walk on 23 months birthday.

A rather delayed update but been waiting for some nice photo opportunities. Really wanted to show off our amazing day at Crufts when Mika got a first placing in the biggest class of the day, post grad dog with 13 entries, I told his family,,Jackie and Dave, not to waste money and time to travel all the way to Birmingham, as he would get thrown out as he is just out of junior and still need to mature compared to the "big boys"! I was very pleased to be proved wrong and a bit sad for Jackie and Dave to see him win at Crufts!
Lina did well and got a 3rd in Post grad bitch an a second in good citizen class. I was completely thrilled :-) and both qualified for crufts 2014!
Today is the puppies 23 months birthday and by chance we had arranged a meet at Bodiam Castle. amazingly Jo said she would come all the way so sparebed was made up and Jo pitched up with Laatu and Tarkka Saturday night. The boys behave impeccably, bossed about by Lina, who kept a firm eye on them.
Today we met up with Nadine and Luka, Sarah, Gordon and Gretel, Lottie and Chase, Mary, Ilo and Tykky. We had a stunning walk in glorious sunshine, finished with tea and lots of fuss for dogs who had many admirers.
Mika and Lina posing with Crufts rosettes

Mika always perfect pose

Lina, never perfect pose!

Fun in the sun :-)

Tarkka and Laatu visits

Mummy's boy Laatu,




Luka and Chase




Blizz and Luka been for a swim

Unikko and Luka

Tykky and Luka

Tarkka, Laatu, Jo and Lottie

Nadine  Luka, Gordon Gretel, Lottie Chase, Sarah Unikko Lina. Mary Ilo and Tykky , Jo  Tarkka and Laatu

Jo Tarkka and Laatu

Mary, Ilo and Tykky

Sarah, Unikko and Lina

Gordon, Gretel, Lottie, Chase and Blizz in the back

Gordon and Gretel

Nadine and Luka




  1. Lovely photos! How lucky to get such good weather for your reunion :-)

  2. How lovely, great to see that Luka made it too, hope you all had a fabulous time xx

  3. Superb photos and clearly a lovely day had by all. Happy owners, happy pupsters and some fantastic show success too - you have lots to be proud of! x

  4. Fantastic weekend with lappies, crazy owners, sunshine and fizz worth the 10 hour round trip anyday xxxxx

  5. Super photos, looks such a lovely walk. Congrats again on your Crufts results.