Monday, 14 March 2011

Crufts and working trial weekend

What a weekend! It started early as Crufts was on a Friday. A very early start for me and Mary who thankfully was coming as travelling company, alarm went at 04.30, quick coffee, quick walk around the block with dogs and then off we go, leaving Blizz and Unikko with very long faces. They don't like to be left and even worse, miss out on a proper walk!
The journey was fine and we reached NEC at about 09.30.
Got Musse settled onto bench and then wait!
Unlike my previous experience the wait was not too bad, and as Musse is just into veteran class (in UK) we where first in the ring. Once in the ring, Musse does like to let everyone know he is there! He did bark continuously but stood for Toni, and eventually settled into a trot on the way around the ring. To my surprise and total joy we where called out for 1st place:-)

Now we had to wait for the best male, there where lots of very handsome boys there and best man (or dog:-)won with Int/NL Ch Fidelis Duuri being the winner and he later went on to be BOB. Musse did unfortunately get even more excited the 2nd time around and did not show his best side.  He is such a glorious dog to live with so its a shame I couldn't get the best out of him in the showring. However as always it was great to see so many lovely lappies and their owners. Now lets see how we get on at FL of GB show!!

The next day was a completly different dog adventure as I had entered Unikko in a working trial held locally by my training club. I did enter as a training exercise, which was just as well:-)
Unikko was entered in CD, (companion dog). The trial started really well, first exercise was 2 min sit stay with me out of site, no problems. Next a retrieve which was performed perfectly from Unikko, but I lost point as took dumbell before being told to!! Next was search square which she did fantastic in good time, even got the teaspoon:-) (most dogs dislike metal in the mouth)

Unikko having a rest after a trying trial day
 Heel work was ok, recall perfect, then sendaway, well that was just a laugh! She went out ok but mistook marker and went to a complely diffrent point and we haven't trained any redirection! Then on to jumps, she clipped the 3ft hurdle, refused long jump, I wouldn't then do 6 ft scale as not had enough practice and there would be no point. Last execise was 10 min down stay with handlers out of sight, which went haywire as two collies got up and left to look for owner (one handler  had entered 3 dogs), Unikko sat up and was up and down like yoyo according to steward! So as before back to more training!! After all that, it was a good execise, and a lovely  day out in the coutry side after a day at NEC and motorway driving.

I write about my two active dogs and it appears that I ignore my no 1 Blizz, he is the gentlest lovlies dog anyone could wish for. Here he is today chilling in the garden love him:-)

Making a den!


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