Monday, 30 August 2010

Working trial training, jumping!!

One of my big reservations regarding working trials with Unikko was the sizes of jumps she would have to do, didn't think it was possible for her to compete in same class as large German Sheppard's and mad Border Collies. Also getting the training was difficult as we meet up once a month and then wait in turn for jumps. So I decided the best way forward is to have my own jumps, high jump and long jump, will have to wait with getting the scale! A month ago a picked up my own "bespoke" jumps:) and what a difference! I have no garden to speak of so get up early, go to local recreation ground and have a go. Today I actually set up the jump in my garden and Unikko flew over 79 cm (31 inches) She needs to be able to do 90 cm (3ft) She skips over 213 cm (7ft) long jump, need to do 273cm or 9ft. Fantastic:) She is so agile! Now we need to do the 6ft scale, but thats another story! I think now one of my biggest WT challenge will be to do a 10 min down stay with me out of sight! She is so alert, she never relaxes into her down, head is up looking around all the time, get to about 7 min and suddenly she will spring up and enough is enough, bored now! Hey ho, great fun trying, next week we are in my training clubs members trial day, and 18th is our first trial (beginners stake)!!!


  1. sounds brilliant - she really is progressing well, keep it up - the first WT award is just around the corner:)

  2. I can't wait to hear how she goes!

    I am from Australia and we don't have working dog trials to compete in. Could you share what the dog has to do? It would be really interesting for me!

    Nik (with Finnish Lapphunds - Fable and Ahsoka)

  3. Hi Terra, sorry only noticed your comment!
    Working trials consists of several elements that the dog have to pass; scenting (tracking and a seacrch square), agility (hurdle, long jump and scale) obedience (heel work, retrieve recall, send away and "speak") and control (sit stay and down stay with owner our of sight). It also has several "stakes" from the beginner now a introduction stake or you can start with a companion dog stake, up to patrol dog stake and of course the elements get harder as you go up the stakes. We did a intro stake a few weeks ago but it was not a success:)Much more work to be done. Look up You will find whats expected for each stake. Its takes a lot of time but is such a lovely sport:)